Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Vacation

First we traveled to my parents house in Star Valley, Wyoming for a family reunion with my Dad's family and to spend the week with my parents.
There was a water fight and Dylan got right in the middle of it with the big boys. He never misses a chance to get wet. This is at the family reunion at Grover Park in Star Valley.
After spending a week at my parents we headed to Driggs, Idaho to spend the weekend with Rob's sister and family. With them we went to Island Park and had a lot of fun.
Here are the boys exploring in Island Park with their cousins. From the top it is Jack, Cache, Eric, Dylan, Jonas, & Luke.
We enjoyed giving Delwyn a hard time about making Loriann carry Teague. He sure is a cute little boy.
Eric like the animal pelt exhibit especially so he could put his hand in a bears mouth.
I liked this one of all the boys lined up looking into the water. As you can tell there is not shortage of boys in the Larson family.
After all of our fun in Driggs we left for Boise to see Grandma and friends, but on the way we stopped to camp at Craters of the Moon.
Don't the boys look thrilled to be there. We really did enjoy Craters of the Moon, the landscape was amazing.
We really enjoyed the caves. I think it was what the boys enjoyed the most. This was as we exited Indian Tunnel. Eric enjoyed showing us the way out.
Here is Luke making his way out of Indian Tunnel.
This is a great picture of the lava flow. This is after we exited Indian Tunnel and made our way back to the path.
I thought we should show a picture of our campsite. It was really great. We had fun, we put Luke and Eric in the smaller tent and Dylan in with us. It worked quite well.
This is in Boy Scout Cave only Eric and I went in. That is ice in the background; it was so cold in there that my hands were hurting from the cold.
In Boise we visited with Rob's Grandma she is 93 years old and we really enjoyed being able to visit with her. She lives with Rob's aunt and it was fun visiting with her as well. We felt it was important for the kids to be able to meet their great-grandmother. She is the only living one that they have and I think that they enjoyed the opportunity as much as we did.
While in Boise we also had the opportunity to visit some friends from Puerto Rico. Here are the boys with the Solmons. It was a lot of fun to be able to see such great friends again. Natalia made me sofrito, that was very appreciated now I can make good Puerto Rican food again instead of the crap I've been making. We also saw our friend Kristi and one of her sons, but unfortunately we didn't take any pictures. We had a lot of fun with everyone and would like to make it back there soon.
On our way back to my parents we stopped in Twin falls.
This is Shoshone Falls. I had only seen it in November so it was amazing to see it with so much water flowing over it. While in Twin we also went to the cemetery to show the boys were there Larson great-grandparents are buried and were their uncle is buried (Rob's brother, David). Rob also took a trip down memory lane and showed to boys were he lived when his family lived in Kimberly.
We had a great time and enjoyed every part of our vacation. We also really appreciated my parents taking care of Josie, our dog, while we went to Driggs and Boise. I think they enjoyed having her around, so don't be surprised if my parents get a dog sometime.

Friday, November 20, 2009

For some reason Dylan thinks that he should make this face when I ask him to smile for the camera. Dylan was trying to help Rob replace the sink in our bathroom. He thought that it would be helpful for Rob to talk on the Power Ranger phone.
Dylan's 2nd birthday. We celebrated a little late (I'm even later with the post) because Rob was out of town for Dylan's birthday again. Dylan loves Pablo and I forgot to get things to make him a cake with what I had at home. Rob thinks Pablo looks possessed.

Monday, August 31, 2009

This past summer Luke had the opportunity to participate in a medical study for Therapeutic Horseback riding. All of the participates are on the autism spectrum. It was a lot of fun to be a part of, Luke was able to go horseback riding for an hour every week. He had a lot of fun and it really did seem to help him not be so wound up. His horses name was Corky and he is a beautiful horse and one of the taller ones at the riding center.

The boys also took swim lessons and they made lots of progress in their swimming. They both jump off the diving board now and had a lot of fun swimming all summer long.

Dylan has shown us this summer that he is a problem solver. One day he was trying to tell Rob that he didn't like the tag in his shirt and Rob did not understand so Dylan went and got a knife took it to Rob and pointed at the tag. After the tag was cut out he was happy. Another day after taking the boys to school he picked up a magazine found the picture of a Wii game and pointed at the TV and said, "Baa" he wanted to play Raymon Raving Rabbids. I don't know if I should be proud of him for the way he has learned to communicate with us or scared. I don't actually think that there is anything wrong with him or his speech he just doesn't chose to speak. The best thing that he did was when he was eating chocolate covered almonds and decided he didn't actually want to eat the almond. He acted like he wanted to give me a kiss and started trying to shove the almond in my mouth. It kind of reminded my of Ashley. Here is a video of him playing with the hula hoop it also shows how every time he says "yeah" it is followed by a "wahoo" I love how cute this kid is and yes he does go around in a diaper lots. I figure why should I change this just because I moved back to the states it doesn't mean that I have to dress my kids.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We started out our trip at my parents. Where the boys learned how to drive the 4wheelers. Luke decided that he would rather ride behind Eric rather than drive.

We then headed to Yellowstone by driving through Teton park first.

We met up with Rob's family in Yellowstone where we saw lots of bison. The boys had a lot of fun playing with their cousins.

I had to carry Dylan because for some strange reason the pack is not very comfortable for Rob to wear. I think that I need to try to figure out how to make it more comfortable for Rob because Dylan is getting big.

Eric loves to pose for pictures. He is such a cutie.

Dylan really enjoyed camping and he thinks that sleeping bags, air mattresses, and a tent mean play time. He loved being in the tent and didn't always go to sleep very well.

After Yellowstone we went to Rob's sister Loriann's house and they took us to a farm where we saw pigs, baby cows, and the farmer made some cheese. It was really good cheese.

After the fun we had with Rob's family we went back to my parents for an Eggleston family reunion. It was a lot of fun and Rob really enjoyed teasing my nieces and nephews especially Ashley.

We had a great time and loved seeing so much family.